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How does it work?

We make a mould of your baby’s hand or foot using a safe and gentle process.  Sleeping babies usually sleep through it! All our operatives are fully trained and understand the best way to get effective moulds.

Is the powder safe for my baby’s skin?

The powder we use is a medical product more commonly used in dentistry.  It’s safe to use on the skin.  All the relevant health and safety data is in our Terms and Conditions and is available to view on our website.

How long does it take?

Making a mould takes around 30 seconds.  We may take more than one if we feel it necessary to get the best result.

How old does my baby have to be?

We cast babies from birth and there is no upper age limit.

How do I let you know my baby has arrived?

Simple!  Log in to your account on the website; press the Stork button to tell us your baby is here.  We’ll contact you to arrange the casting, either at hospital or at home.

Can I order more than one copy?

Yes of course.  You’ll need to let us know when you first order. Just click on what you’d like and add to your basket.

Do additional copies have to be the same finish?

No not at all.  You can order different finishes for the same casts.  For example, you’ve ordered Lead Crystal freestanding pieces for yourself; you can order the hand painted plaster for Grandparents.  Just choose what you’d like and add to the basket.

I want an open hand, can you do that?

We have extensive training and use specific techniques to make the moulds, so we will try to get an open hand should you wish.  However, some babies keep their hands open while others close them and that’s something we can’t change.  The baby is in control of the shape once the hand is in the mixture.  The detail of the cast is our priority.

What should my baby wear?

Ideally we need your baby to have bare legs and arms.  If you want an open hand we have more chance of success if your baby is asleep.  Taking off layers of clothing may wake them so dressing them in a little vest and being kept cosy with a blanket is ideal.

Do you only cast babies?

No, we cast all ages, there is no upper limit.  Siblings, families, even pets!  We cast couples holding hands for Weddings & Anniversaries, Mother & baby etc.

Let us know what you’re thinking of and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

How is Mum or Dad involved?

You are very helpful!  If you’re relaxed, the chances are your baby will be too.  A baby with a full tummy and clean nappy is a happier baby!  Our operatives will ask you to follow their instructions but it’s a very simple and easy process.

How long will my order take?

We estimate 4 weeks for hand painted plaster, 6-8 weeks for anything else, depending on production workloads.  We will endeavour to hit our target deadlines but do reserve the right to take longer – we won’t sacrifice quality for speed!

How will it be delivered?

We will send your finished product by next day Courier service.  We’ll email you when it’s ready to send.  You’ll need to be in to sign for your order when it’s delivered.

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